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VMware View 5 Book Now Available - Currently ranked #29,545 out of over 8,000,000 books in Amazon store

Book now available, "VMware View 5 Desktop Virtualization Solutions!"

  • Currently ranked #29,545 out of over 8,000,000 books
  • Written by VMware experts Jason Langone and Andre Leibovici, this book is a complete guide to planning and designing a solution based on VMware View 5
  • Secure your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) by having firewalls, antivirus, virtual enclaves, USB redirection and filtering and smart card authentication
  • Analyze the strategies and techniques used to migrate a user population from a physical desktop environment to a virtual desktop solution
  • A learn-by-example based approach that focuses on key concepts to provide the foundation to solve real world problems

Book Details

  • Language : English
  • Paperback : 300 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
  • Release Date : June 2012
  • ISBN : 1849681120
  • ISBN 13 : 978-1-84968-112-4
  • Author(s) : Jason Langone, Andre Leibovici
  • Topics and Technologies : All Books, Enterprise, Virtualisation

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Using AirBNB as a Business Traveler

Desktops-as-a-Service: Building the Model - - Interactive iBook NOW AVAILABLE!

Book now available, "Desktops-as-a-Service: Building the Model"

  • This book analyzes the key considerations of a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution. Written by globally recognized virtualization and VDI experts, this book covers not only large-scale VDI, but true DaaS which involves multi-tenancy, cloud automation, and chargeback. In addition to key technical concepts, this book also analyzes cost models for a DaaS solution and provides working examples.

    This book is for anyone looking to use, build, analyze, or support a DaaS cloud.


VMware makes a smart acquisition to bolster View, Wanova Mirage

This excellent article by Christoph Harding explains how someone could use VMware Mirage with VMware View linked clone vDesktop pools.  Since the Wanova acquisition announcement, I’ve been testing the following:

  • Mirage client installed on a physical Lenovo laptop running Windows 7
  • Mirage client installed on a VMware View vDesktop running in San Jose
  • Mirage Server running on an Amazon EC2 instance
  • Mirage Branch Repeater running on a separate VMware Vew vDesktop running in San Jose

Using the above image as a visual representation, HQ for my testing was Amazon EC2.  Regional was a datacenter in San Jose and my house was the, “Field Office.”  Using EC2 for the last 2 months to test out this solution cost me a total of $24.  Well, in reality, I started this test on a t1.micro instance for free up to 750 hours and then spilled over 16 hours, which cost me 32 cents.

Publish an Application via HTML5 and Microsoft RemoteApp using RemoteSpark

Tools required:

  • Microsoft Terminal Server (which hosts the RemoteApp capability)
  • Microsoft Active Directory Domain Controller
  • An app (can use Notepad or Calculator to test, can also be a packaged app)
  • RemoteSpark
  • An end device with Google Chrome

Standout Newcomers in 2011 (and new job news)

2011 was a great year in the world of virtualization and technology in general.  For me there were a few companies that really stood out as leaders and innovators in 2011. These companies, from my experience, have all been fantastic to work with from both the partner and the end-customer perspective.  All of these companies have exhibited fantastic customer support, and all of them made an impact for me in 2011. 

CloudStack for Virtualization Engineers: Installation QuickStart Guide & Intro to Service Offerings

Now that we have the foundation, an intro to CloudStack

CloudStack is an IaaS solution that is similar to VMware vCloud Director at first glance.  For a more detailed breakdown on their respective capabilities and where they fit in the market, please refer to the first article in this series.  By using concepts found in public clouds, such as the volatility of instances in AWS, and marrying them with a sound IaaS design, we can design a robust, flexible, and affordable cloud in our own organization.  If done correctly our own internal cloud could utilize an affordable public cloud provider (e.g. AWS) should the need arise as well.

CloudStack keeps things pretty simple as there are only three types of servers:

  • Management Server  – Provides the web UI and API access as well as performs the management of the hosts, instances, storage, etc. [mandatory]
  • Host – A physical server running a hypervisor meant to host instances in the CloudStack environment (VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer, or Linux KVM) [mandatory]
  • Usage Server – Provides usage based billing

Cloud for Virtualization Engineers: Breaking Free from the Non-Volatile Ball & Chain

The concepts discussed in this article can apply to VMware vCloud Director, CloudStack, or other IaaS platform. This article is meant to provide design considerations in the planning stage of rolling out an IaaS solution. Garbage in, garbage out, so let's think smarter.

In the first article of this series, “CloudStack for Virtualization Engineers - A New Series from ThinKVIRT,” I discussed some of the key technologies, both open source and proprietary.  I also outlined a few technologies that will be covered in this series, including:

  • OpenStack Swift as an object-storage layer
  • Citrx CloudStack as an IaaS layer managing a vSphere, et al. environment
  • VMware Cloud Foundry as a PaaS layer on top of the IaaS

This first article touched on, “abstracting the Operating System” due to an, “increasing importance of the apps that an organization uses and the decreasing importance of the operating system.”  This is an important concept to understand as it is a cornerstone of designing a cloud solution.  This article will discuss why the abstraction of the underlying operating system instance from the application or service provided is a concept of paramount importance.  This will be covered in even greater detail.

The concept of volatility, as discussed in this article, is not something proprietary to a CloudStack or VMware vCloud Director-based solution. It is a consideration that should be made when designing your internal IaaS solution as well as how external IaaS providers will be leveraged.

Werner Vogels' presentation at AWS Gov Summit 2011 discussed the advantages of instance volatility, such a significantly lower price per instance and the importance of time-to-market. Casey Coleman, the keynote speaker, also discussed how her agency is realizing very significant cost savings by adopting the use of cloud computing in various forms (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS).

Super Federal VMUG - Get Involved!

The final Federal VMUG (#FEDVMUG) event of the year is closing in. It's tentatively scheduled for early December and will be an all-day event.

Interested in Speaking? - Submit a brief abstract

New Format

This event will feature a select handful of up to 8 vendors with booth space downtown. Unlike previous Federal VMUGs, this event will go from breakfast until early afternoon (with #vBeers to follow). The day will be broken down into two halves, so those that cannot break free for a full day of virtualization can come to the half that makes the most sense to them.

The Super Federal VMUG will also have:

  • Solutions Row - Table and Booth exhibits from a select handful of Federal vendors
  • Technology Table Talk - A demonstration table setup to showcase the technologies discussed throughout the day
  • Tech PowerPlay Sessions - Sponsoring vendors get a rapid 15 minutes of presentation time (in addition to their booth) to deliver their message and value. Right to the point discussions.
  • Guest Speakers - Hand-selected speakers from the Federal space
  • Food - Delicious, delicious, food.
  • Ask the Experts - our very popular, "Ask the Experts" session returns; ask vExpert and VCDX caliber professionals your tough VMware-related questions

Building an AppStore with Nukona: Is VMware Horizon Already Here?

While I was researching the Citrix Startup Accelerator program for various reasons, I decided to go through the entire list of companies in the Citrix Startup Accelerator portfolio to see what type of company and solution were getting accepted. Two companies quickly floated to the top of the pile for me, and the one I'm reviewing in this article is a company called Nukona

According to Nukona's website, they provide, "enterprise app distribution, policy management and governance – designed to scale." Wait, doesn't this sound like VMware Horizon?

What is VMware's Project Horizon?

To anyone that follows Vittorio Viarengo, VP of End User Computing at VMware, you have probably heard about VMware Project Horizon. VMware Horizon is assumed to provide:

  • An AppStore whereby published apps, SaaS apps, published desktops, etc. can be distributed
  • Identity management across multiple domains (internal AD, external LDAP, SaaS provider's, etc.); my guess is that VMware's Tricipher acquisition finally proves its worth here
  • Support for any [major] device such as Win-based desktops/laptops, Apple iPads, and Android-based tablets

This sound fantastic! The problem is, when Viarengo talks about Horizon, he's talking futures. There's nothing wrong with talking futures in small doses and ensuring your current and potential customer base understands corporate direction, but the old addage, "sell what's on the truck" should be king (and what helps field reps most).

"View 5 looks great and all, but man, Horizon is going to be great, make me 4 inches taller, and heal my bad knees. I'm just going to wait for now."

I can't wait for Project Horizon personally, and now, maybe some of the goodness is already here, thanks to Nukona.

CloudStack for Virtualization Engineers - A New Series from ThinkVIRT

About this Series

This series of upcoming articles here at ThinkVIRT is my attempt to educate server virt admins and engineers (primarily VCPs) on an alternative Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform to VMware's, and one that is poised to emerge as a leader in the space. That platform is CloudStack. I'm not saying that CloudStack is the end all be all solution for every organization, but I do believe it is worth taking a look at due to its flexibility and it's adoption and inclusion in some high-profile and mega-scale cloud implementations by Zynga, KT, and Edmunds. I've been fortunate enough to mentor and career coach some virtualization folks much smarter than me, and I think it's important for the VCPs of the world to start to diversify their scope. The great news is that seasoned VMware engineers have sharpened their skills with the most feature-rich hypervisor on the market, VMware ESXi/vSphere. It's great news because all the other hypervisors are typically less feature-rich, meaning someone that can design a server virt solution with VMware vSphere, can likely design a XenServer solution once they learn the vernacular and the limitation points.

Announcing MicroStak(R) VDI: Simplifying the VDI Equation

For those that attended the MicroTech + Liquidware Labs session at Interop today, you were witness to the unveiling of a new VDI solution from MicroTech,
MicroStak VDI.

MicroStak(R) VDI simplifies the VDI equation by combining a modular 2U hardware appliance to an integrated software stack. This allows organizations to focus on what matters most in a VDI solution – a positive end user experience.

Quick Test Drive of the Apple iPad SlideRocket App

Many thanks to Tedd Fox for tweeting about the availability of the SlideRocket app for the Apple iPad.  To those that follow me on Twitter (@langonej), you will know that I cutover to using SlideRocket a few months ago (paid subscription).  My very first attempt to use SlideRocket for a customer presentation was in an offline (no WiFi, no 3G) secured building with some very high profile Government officials.  Fortunately (a big fortunately), I had the presentation also loaded in Keynote, so I plugged along without hiccup.

I’ve tweeted about my displeasure for a lack of offline support for the Apple iPad and for Android-based tablets (I love my Asus Transformer). Unfortunately, VMware has only release an Apple iPad version today.

Applying Business Intelligence to your VDI Solution with VDIRecon™

Seeing a tweet from Christian Reilly yesterday about new product development from MeLLmo, the makers of Roambi, I decided to post a solution I developed at MicroTech based on the Roambi platform.  Regular readers of this site or my Twitter feed will know that I’m deeply immersed in the world of VDI these days.  Last year it occurred to me that there was no great dashboard for executives, directors, telework coordinators, power administrators, or integrators to monitor what is actually going on in their VDI. I focused on a solution that coupled the important metrics of a VDI to the emerging preferred platform of executives and decision makers, the tablet, or in this case, the Apple iPad.

Enter VDIRecon™ from MicroTech.

What is VDIRecon™ from MicroTech?

VDIRecon is a VISUAL DASHBOARD for your VDI environment.  It’s perfect for C-level executives, decision makers, Telework Coordinators, VDI administrators, and other individuals needing a high-level overview of a VDI environment from their tablet device.

VDIRecon has the ability to collect across multiple VDI environments which is perfect for organizations supporting multiple groups with their own standalone VDI or for desktop providers supporting a multitude of tenants.  The intelligence and data are dynamically updated to ensure accuracy.  All updates are encrypted and any data at rest on the tablet device, for example, an Apple iPad, is encrypted.

PCoIP Zero Client Selector Tool is Now Online

I am pleased to announce that my PCoIP Zero Client Selector Tool is now available.

What does the tool do?

Helps an organization determine the appropriate PCoIP zero client for their environment.

Purchasing Details

Please use this contact form for immediately pricing on:

With a deep understanding of the various zero clients available, as well as efficient avenues through major product contract vehicles, such as SEWP, pricing, procurement, and delivery can be an expedited and painless experience, from the zero client experts.

Please contact us today.

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